Thursday, October 1, 2009


On this cold rainy night, I spent some time revisiting some of my pictures of the summer. I've found several that I'm am going to focus on the next few weeks as far as doing any editing that needs to be done and then printing and framing for the walls of my crib. As I find ones I really like and if they make the cut for "hanging", I will post them on this site. For those who were followers of my past project, you may see some repeats. Oh well. Tonight, I'm starting with one of my favorites from the summer; my son, Derek, on one of his favorite rides at the carnival. Also, there is a new poll posted. It appears from my last poll that fall is a favorite for many, while winter a favorite of none. Vote early and often, the Chicago way.

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  1. Pure enjoyment! What a sweet happy boy!