Monday, February 10, 2014

What a beautiful morning...

Saturday night in the Evilbear household saw a "scrum"(a confused crowd of people pressed close together and trying to get someone to speak to or "shriek" to) of teenage girls spending the night to celebrate my daughter's birthday.  This, of course, means a sleepless night for the adults.  So, I made my way to the coffee pot at 5 am while whispering out a warning that all "scrum" should think about closing their eyes for at least the next 4 hours when breakfast would be served. Once that was done, I decided to grab the camera and head west to try and catch some morning shots of the sun and the fresh snow. A beautiful morning it was, for once that sun started coming up over the horizon it was a beautiful scene: cold mixing with the sunlight created a fog that was not the usual white, but a blue violet haze that started low to the ground and continued upward to about 10 feet high.  In low lying areas, it was so thick it was kind of dangerous on the roads, but also felt like you were in a cloud city atmosphere.  So, shots like this one
made me forget that my heating bill for this winter is triple what it was last year.  And a shot like this
made me not mind the umpteen times we've had to chip ice away from our front door. This next pic made me forget 
 that we have about 6 more weeks of this least.  I can handle it all better knowing that a shot like this 
will not be possible in July. I definitely felt better about this long and cold winter knowing that other creatures are enduring the same thing we are and are taking it all in stride as this gal shows.
Hopefully, you will see what I see in the next image.  If you look really, really close, and have a good imagination, you can see the spring is right around the corner.  No, it is.  Really. Trust me on this.  I think I see it.
But for now, I'll enjoy mornings like this with images like this in my mind.


  1. Amazing photos Mark! Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Wow Mark, these are great, love the purple mist

  3. Your photographs are beautiful! I am so glad that your cousin, Kelly, invited me to view your page. I look forward to more of your photos in the future. ~ Carol in Atlanta

  4. These are all gorgeous! My favorites are the purple ones. They kind of remind me of the Serengeti!

  5. Thank you everyone for your comments.

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments.