Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let it snow

Yes, it really did snow on October 10th and the UP.  Here's some pics of the wonderful weather conditions while I was there.  It really wasn't bad. Some snow on Saturday night and then a pretty good snowfall on Sunday.  It was nice to see that the Yoopers have just as hard of a time driving in the white stuff the first time each year as we in other parts of the country do.  I saw several cars in ditches while traveling a small stretch of highway. The first two pics are just of the amount of snow that came down.  The third is a picture that I converted to Infrared.  I think its a really cool effect.  It is a technique used alot in wedding photography.  Some pros actually convert their cameras(not recommended for a novice) to only record infrared pictures. I used software, but someday if I replace my present camera, I might convert my old one. I thought this converted pic fit in with the snow pictures nicely.  In reality, the trees and the leaves were in full fall color. 

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  1. LOVE the infrared!! I want to talk to you to learn more about this. Why do wedding photographers use this? Why is that better than just changing original pics to black & white? YOU'RE SO TALENTED!!!