Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun Saturday

On Saturday my wife and daughter had a function to go that didn't include my son, Derek, or myself.  So it turned into a nice Father/Son day.  We started off with a trip to the dollar store which is his favorite place in the world.  After buying  $1.00 worth of army guys, we turned our sights to lunch.  Whenever we drive past an Arby's he always wants to eat there.  So, we had lunch at Arbys's. Next was dad's turn.  I needed to hit Menards for some things and I wanted to go out to a forest preserve I know to check the fall colors, plus I knew Derek might like it there too with there being bridges and a small waterfall there, and some neat areas to explore.  He seemed fine with the plan.  First we go to the forest preserve since it was the farthest away and then we hit Menards on the back home.   The preserve was about 20 minutes away in between the towns of Woodstock and Harvard.  About 5 minutes past Woodstock, I notice he's real quiet.  I look over to see why. Its hard to talk when the lunch you ate 30 minutes ago is coming back up. Oh boy!  We did what we could at that moment, made our way to Harvard since at that point it was closer than turning around and going to Woodstock, got cleaned up, got a can of Sprite, and headed back.  After a little time and some drinks of Sprite he was in good spirits.  So, onto the forest preserve we go.  Nice fall day for a walk and we walked a beautiful trail around a lake and through a tall pine grove.  After that, Menards, and then home. Fun day.

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  1. Poor little Derek...this is the season for sickness! He looks quite pensive in your picture. The "path to somewhere" is great.