Tuesday, July 31, 2012

At the top of the World, or maybe even higher

For several years now, I've known of a nesting area for the herons and egrets of the area right off the expressway heading into Chicago.  The former corporate campus of ATT has a large pond in the front with an island smack dab in the middle of it which is perfect for these creatures.  No access to the island, only viewing from a distance.  I've often driven the "loop" around the island and seen many nesting birds in the trees.  For some reason, this summer the island is more populated than ever and I'm seeing more young ones than ever.  Unfortunately, the young ones are small and they of a darker color so they don't show up as well in photos.  But, the fully white adults stick out like a sore thumb.  Some days, just in the few seconds it takes to pass the area, I can count around 20-25 full grown adults sitting in the trees or in the pond fishing.  I haven't really had any chances to go hang out there this summer, but today in midafternoon, I made a point to stop when I saw all the white specs sitting in the trees.  The shots tonight are of the same bird just from different perspectives.  Before I even put the camera up to my eyes, I knew this would be a special shot with the lone bird perched high up in the trees with the turbulent clouds in the background.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Let's continue with the sunsets

Tonight was perhaps the most beautiful sunset of the summer.  But, you won't see a pic of that here since we were too busy having fun in the water and I didn't feel like running up and getting my camera.  You will see a pic I grabbed last night.  And while not quite sunset yet, it was getting close.  This shot shows that the big ball of fire in the sky is truly a star.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Lights

Just a quick couple of shots from the last few days showing the various lighting situations from the summer sun.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Love

Well, in this case, I don't think its love.  But, come on, everyone has had that one special friend one summer in their life, that you spent alot of time with, experienced alot of what you should experience at whatever age you were at the time. Someone that you could spend time with that wasn't an adult telling you what to do all the time.  In this case, Derek's summer friend is a girl.  But, don't tell him, because once he realizes it, it will probably end.  He's an 8 year old, you know. The "G" word is forbidden around him.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

In Control

A sight that will probably never be seen in my family.  This pelican family seems to be at peace.....with no squawking,,,,,no bickering......just peace and quiet.  Eh, sounds boring anyway.  But, a pretty picture.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Splish! Splash!

Bigger kids means bigger thrills.  I'm realizing this as mine get older.  My question though is, at what age does a person require lesser thrills.  Somehow I missed that exact point in time.  I know as a youth I craved those same thrills.  All of a sudden, I see a grounds eye view of this monster slide and I think she's nuts for attempting it. One of the great mysteries of life.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Just Hanging Around

I know I posted earlier tonight, but I'm still just hanging around. This shot makes it worth a double post day.

Look at me. I'm a star.

That seems to be what he was telling me.  The family hit the Brookfield Zoo yesterday.  26 years in Chicagoland and it was my first time.  It won't be my last.  A visit to the Penguin house is like, almost, mandatory.  When we arrived it was feeding time.  But, this one seemed determined to be a model.  While the others ate, he stood there and put on several poses for me.  I'm sure he/she was much easier to work with than what I hear about some human models.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let me take you on a ride

This is vacation week in the Evilbear household.  On Tuesday we ventured to a water park not far from home. What better thing to do on a 100 degree day?  Each of the kids brought a friend and all had a great time.  Tonight's shots are a series of pics of my son and his friend, Neveah, going down a water slide.  If I wasn't with them and just saw these pics, I'd say they had a good day. Thursday we tackle the zoo.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Future politicians and more

I've gotten way behind in going through some of my captures over the last month.  I just tonight got to my 4th of July parade pics. My son rode with the cub scouts in the parade.  Here's some shots of our future city,state, and world leaders(Yikes!) and a few of the other highlights of the parade.

One of the favorites every year is our Precision Marching of the Lawnchair Dads.  Few  groups outside of the military are as dedicated as these guys.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

And the winner is.......

DEREK ZELAZOSKI!!!!! Each month the local park district has a movie night at the beach.  Its a fun, family night that starts with an ice cream eating contest for the kids.  This month I signed up my son and a friend to partake in the contest.  Of course, my son, and me being the coach, practiced very hard in the days leading up to the contest.  Evidently, our technique, strategy, and practice paid off since he was the declared winner of his age division.  The practice was tough, but worth it.

Even though Derek officially won the contest, I think the 2nd place challenger was a winner as well.