Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hau'oli Po'aha

What, you don't know what that means?  Do you not speak Hawaiian?  Neither do I, but I know you can find alot of Hawaiian phrases with a Google search.  The title simply says "Happy Thursday".  Why am I writing Hawaiian phrases?  We attended the annual Hawaiian Luau last night at the beach and we caught the "mana"(spirit).  The Luau is actually a senior citizen event, but its always held at the same time my son has his swimming lessons so we kind of crash it each year.  This year was good as always, but a little bit of a let down since they didn't have the male drummers and dancers, but, they had the hula girls as usual.  Their was the prerequisite singing of "Blue Hawaii" and, of course, "Tiny Bubbles", and alot of bad jokes geared to the seniors by the leader of the group.  And you have to have the audience participation segment where the senior gentleman get up there and don hula skirts and learn to do the hula.  So, I will finish with some pics and these final Hawaiian phrases, "Aloha ahiahi"(Good evening) and "Kipa hou mai"(Come visit again).

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  1. I don't know what I'm more jealous of... the fact that you got to attend a really cool looking luau near your house, or the awesome zoom lens you used to take these great pictures! OK, maybe the lens envy wins out :-)