Friday, October 30, 2009

Twas the night before.....

Sorry, wrong holiday.  But, it is the night before Halloween.  First, notice the new poll to the right.  Vote if you wish.  Spent a little time down by the lake tonight.  Somewhat clear skies, full moon, and fast moving clouds due to the strong wind made it a night to try some nighttime photography.Very little time, though, indeed.  Just too cold by the water with the strong wind.  I did get some nice shots that fit the mood of the weekend.  Shooting at night, you need to have long exposure times in order for the camera to capture any light, therefore, any image.  By varying how long I allow the shutter to be open, you can get some really neat effects with the biggest being color changes and star trails or even cloud trails.  I could've really played around and got some interesting pics, but I just wasn't prepared for how cold it was by the lake.  Here's a couple of moody shots.  The first one is pretty much straight from the camera.  The second I warmed up the colors a little.  .


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