Saturday, March 7, 2015

Interesting sights

My son and I had the pleasure of attending an important banquet function last weekend for his Cub Scouts Troop #168.  It is an annual celebration of the group known as the Webelos II moving on to Boy Scouts.  Of course, it is a large dog and pony show(sometimes literally), to give the younger scouts something to strive for in the future.  Start with a nice chicken and mostaciolli dinner, then do the awards and graduation for the scouts moving on, and then entertainment, which is usually some kind of animal show, magician, or some other age appropriate entertainment. I was the event photographer this year so I had to keep my eyes open for anything interesting even if wasn't pertaining to the scouts themselves.  Here's a couple shots I found interesting.  The first of some sort of lizard, that while appearing friendly and calm, I am sure is quite a sharpshooter for any insects that come within 10" of him, The second of a little princess girl humoring herself amongst a sea of boys.  I am sure she is the sibling of a scout who was dragged along only because the whole family attended.  But, at that age it can be easy to transport yourself into your own little world and that is exactly what she was doing during the awards time.  I caught her doing her own little dance, not caring who was around or who was watching.  Probably from The Little Mermaid or Frozen or something.