Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Bird

This hobby offers quite the education in things I never thought I would want to learn.  Two things I've learned about while doing this is flowers and birds.  If you ever want to learn about these two things, post a picture and ask the question "What the H*^@ is this?" and you will be overwhelmed with responses. It's all good, though.  In a past post, I learned that the bird in the pics is called a Blue Heron.  They are quite numerous around here, but unless you look for them, they blend into the environment.  Many nights throughout the summer, after dinner,  the kids and I would get in the car in search of  "THE BIG BIRD".  We found alot of them at various locations throughout the area so now I can find at least one in the area at any given time.  But, its a hard bird to sneak up on.  They usually hang out in areas that aren't real accessible and if they are in the open, they're on the lookout for you.  This one stood still for awhile, fishing, and even though he was probably a good 100 yards away, he heard my cell phone ring and off he went.  Pics are a little more blurry than I would like, but gives you a good idea what its like to see them.

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  1. I guess in all my running around, I missed these pictures. The color is a little pale (from the reflections of the sun?) but the action is wonderful. I love the movements of birds from the skid of the geese when they are landing on the water to the "butterfly" stroke of the herons when they fly.