Thursday, April 10, 2014

How Brutal was this winter?

I'll "show" you how brutal this last winter was.  So brutal the guys are able to get some ice fishing April.  Sheesh!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

In response to the warm day ahead....

After a brutal winter, we are poised to have our first 60+ degree day here in 5 months.  In honor of that I reached into the vault to grab a few shots from warmer days. Here's are some things to look forward to as spring/summer approaches:

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Take a moment...

Last weekend I had a great privilege to be a photographer for a large fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald Houses.  Great event with lots of rich people donating large gobs of money for a worthy cause.  I haven't really shared any shots here because most of them didn't have much of  a story with them.  There were candid shots and some posed portraits.  Not real exciting.  But, during the evening I did a little wandering around and shot some stuff that interested me.  At one point, I was "riding" up the escalator and in front of me was a father and his young daughter in his arms.  She was cuddled up close and they were having what seemed to be a little one on one conversation.  About what, I don't know.  But, it seemed to be a very personal, easy end of the night type of talk.  As they stepped off the escalator, the little girl pointed at the artwork on the wall. Being a good dad, I watched the man walk over to the picture, move up close to the wall hanging and they continued on with a discussion of the lines and lack of color and what the design was trying to convey.  It was a touching moment, and while I couldn't stand there and gawk at it since it was a private moment, I was able to grab a quick shot of the two and their moment as I stepped off the upward treadmill.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Role Reversal

Tonight's post will have to come from the vault.  Unfortunately, I went to use my camera last weekend and found it dead as the grass on the ground this winter.  Not sure what happened, but I do know cameras are not cheap to fix, if it can be fixed, nor is it fast, so new photos will not be coming anytime soon. Therefore, tonight I dug into the vault and found a shot that I did not take (I'm not sure who did), but it was on my camera, hence, I have the shot, of my daughter Ashley(Boogala) and me just chillin' while at a family members house for a holiday 10 long years ago.  It was one of those rare "snapshots" that everything just seemed to be perfectly setup for the pic.  I cherish it.  Thank you to whoever grabbed my camera and clicked the shutter button.

Monday, February 10, 2014

What a beautiful morning...

Saturday night in the Evilbear household saw a "scrum"(a confused crowd of people pressed close together and trying to get someone to speak to or "shriek" to) of teenage girls spending the night to celebrate my daughter's birthday.  This, of course, means a sleepless night for the adults.  So, I made my way to the coffee pot at 5 am while whispering out a warning that all "scrum" should think about closing their eyes for at least the next 4 hours when breakfast would be served. Once that was done, I decided to grab the camera and head west to try and catch some morning shots of the sun and the fresh snow. A beautiful morning it was, for once that sun started coming up over the horizon it was a beautiful scene: cold mixing with the sunlight created a fog that was not the usual white, but a blue violet haze that started low to the ground and continued upward to about 10 feet high.  In low lying areas, it was so thick it was kind of dangerous on the roads, but also felt like you were in a cloud city atmosphere.  So, shots like this one
made me forget that my heating bill for this winter is triple what it was last year.  And a shot like this
made me not mind the umpteen times we've had to chip ice away from our front door. This next pic made me forget 
 that we have about 6 more weeks of this least.  I can handle it all better knowing that a shot like this 
will not be possible in July. I definitely felt better about this long and cold winter knowing that other creatures are enduring the same thing we are and are taking it all in stride as this gal shows.
Hopefully, you will see what I see in the next image.  If you look really, really close, and have a good imagination, you can see the spring is right around the corner.  No, it is.  Really. Trust me on this.  I think I see it.
But for now, I'll enjoy mornings like this with images like this in my mind.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We were so much younger then.......

A holiday tradition in my house is having all our local nieces and nephews over to bake and decorate Christmas January.  Sounds weird, but when it started, about 8 years ago, it made sense.  Most the kids were involved in some kind of activities around or before Christmas and it is always a busy time for us as well.  And besides, only one kid of the group could drive and that's when he could pick up the rest of them to cart them the hour drive to our house. And, by the middle of January, we are usually out of the usual Christmas treats so this is a good way to restock. The tradition has continued through this year. Not all make it every year- some years there are girlfriends/boyfriends, some years not- some years different boyfriends/girlfriends-and the last few years have included a husband and offspring. Over the years we've dealt with humongous hangovers by some, jobs getting in the way for others, or lack of transportation Next year we are looking forward to another married one in the bunch.  Its a fun Sunday afternoon that really isn't about making cookies.  That's just the excuse.  It makes their Aunt Laney super, super happy.  Plus, I like having some guys around to watch some of the playoff games happening at the time.  It's been a great experience to watch all of them grow up into athletes, medical techs, mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, managers, etc.  An experience we hope continues for a long, long time. Here's  an early shot and a shot from this year. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blast from the Past

With the bitter cold weather and being on home arrest(no driving till doctor clears me and my leg), I went into the vault for tonight's post.  Its always a pleasure doing this and I can lose myself for hours while doing so.  Tonight is a shot that I hope to show again and his graduation, at his wedding, at his induction to the hall of fame(of whatever brings him fame), etc. When doing people pics, number one goal is to catch the emotion of the moment.  I think its pretty obvious the emotion of this moment, about 30 seconds after dad  has let him know what he thinks of his artwork.  I've seen better mug shots on "Cops"