Monday, October 20, 2014


Not much to say here but while walking down one of the sides of the canyon, I looked up to see this lone Yucca.  With very little greenery around and sunset approaching, it stood out like a lake in the desert.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


We got our first look of the big hole in the ground near sunset.  Here was my first view and shot of the canyon.  So big.  So beautiful. So overwhelming.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fields of Gold

So, we were driving in the higher elevations of Arizona and as we come out of a forested area we noticed to our left a sight that as a "photographer" made me scream "STOP" to my friend and driver, Brian.  At first, I think, he thought we were about to hit something or run off the edge of a mountain, but he eventually realized why I was in a panic to stop the car.  You see, usually when I do my photographic journeys, I am always the driver and by myself.  And when I see the shot, I hit the brakes.  Sometimes hard.  Me screaming "STOP" was my way of applying the brakes. I first noticed the neverending field of yellow, like the color that shows up in overhead shots of fields of tulips.  I always wanted to come across a field like that and try to get a great shot like I've seen in some of my photo magazines. Didn't think I ever would.  Next, as I scanned the field, it was hard to miss the mountain rising up in the background. What a great contrasting background.  Then, my eyes caught the farmstead to the right. Nice little addition to the grandiosity of the field and mountain.  Throw in a barbwire fence in the foreground, you got one of my favorite shots of the trip. I fired off a bunch of shots from different angles and camera settings and we finally continued moving on.  Most of the time after  trying to capture a scene like this, you leave and are not really sure if you got what you were attempting to capture. Often times, pics don't come out like you saw it with your very own eyes.  As we were driving out of the area, we discussed whether we thought I get a keeper out of my shots of the field.  We both nodded in agreement that there were going to definitely be keepers in that bunch of shots. Here's two of them.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where's Hoss and Little Joe

You would think if you heard the terms "Ponderosa Pines" you would see Pa, or Little Joe, or Hoss hanging  around.  (Maybe I'm dating myself). But, I didn't see any of them.  The pines, though, were quite magnificent. Most of the mountains of Northern Arizona are covered with them.  I'm sure the ones I was seeing or had access to were not necessarily virgin pines.  Even so, they were very distinct looking and quite tall.  I can only imagine how big the originals were maybe 150 years ago.  Here's a black and white shot.  I have color shots, too, but the midday sun was playing havoc with colors and lens flares.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Well, I'm standing on a corner, in Winslow, Arizona....................

Not exactly Winslow.  More like just outside of Phoenix.  Finally, yes, finally, I am trying to go through my pics of my trip to Arizona last month.  Never have I went so long between taking shots and reviewing them, but, hey, life is busy right now.  I don't know how the pros get through it all when they have deadlines. 
Last month, I made the cross country trip to the Phoenix area to see my buddy, the best man at my wedding 22 years ago, who I hadn't spoke with or seen since my wedding 22 years ago.  Long story, but all is good.  We picked up right where we left off back when we were younger.  Just a little slower,.....less alcohol,.......less getting into troubling predicaments,............less interaction with the local police force, and, by golly, we even remembered where we parked the car the night before, unlike a few instances when we were younger. He was my travel guide during my trip and for 4 days we traveled around the northern part of Arizona and he showed me as much as possible without feeling rushed.  One of the best parts of traveling with a "local" is he knew alot of cool places that aren't necessarily tourist traps. 2nd best part.  My friend, Brian, is formerly from Green Bay, and we, of course, found a good watering hole to watch the Packer Game.  Other than that, yeah, they got a deep hole in the ground up in that Northern Area.  You might have heard of it, The Grand Canyon. Over the next few weeks, I'll try to showcase what I think are the best shots of the trip, without getting too cliche.  I mean, you want a really, really good shot of the Grand Canyon, check out National Geographic.  I'm pretty sure they might have a shot or two.  But, still, I am going to look for some shots of the canyon that aren't you're normal shots.Tonight, I'll start with the view from my buddys house, looking off his front porch.  Simply, breathtaking in person.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Soccer Stud

Today was the first game of the new soccer season for my son, Derek.  New season, new team, new coach, new teammates, and a new role on the team.  Last year, his first, he was mainly a defensive player, and that was mainly because there were two other kids that were scoring machines. He likes defense, but if they ain't kicking it towards you, it can get a little boring.  He worked really hard during this last year to improve his offensive skills and he benefited greatly from the fact that there are numerous other boys on the street his age who love soccer and love pickup games after school.  His focus was to become better on offense.  It was apparent during the first few weeks of practices with his new team, that he was focused and I think the coaches could see something to it also.  Well, it all came together today in the first game.  The whole team played quite well and put a hurt on the other team to a score of 4-2.  And, of those 4 goals scored by "The Strikers", you can see in one of the pics how many Derek scored. It was almost 3. Happy boy. Happy team. Happy and proud family.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The World is a Stage

One of my favorite things to photograph are concert events.  These days are great for this with the advent of festivals and bands continuing their music careers with touring smaller venues later in their careers. For awhile, the person carrying a camera was considered the enemy and often times was banished to the back of the crowd or their equipment confiscated while the show was on if not banned from the venue altogether.  These days, I think most security has just given up due to the influx of smartphones and smaller recording devices.  For the most part, unless you are causing problems or blocking walkways, you are left alone.  Even the entertainment seems to have given in by giving the photographer some great posed shots.  A few weeks ago my wife and I attended an event in the area that featured several southern rock bands that were big in the '80s- Artimus Pyle Band, Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws, and The Marshall Tucker Band. It was beautiful August night and a nice outdoor venue.  I was able to get great shots and enjoyed great music.  Most of the shots below are of the main band I wanted to see- The Outlaws, but these are some of the best shots of all the bands we saw that night.  Unfortunately, Google only allows me so much bandwith to post a video.  So, I have to upload it more compressed which affects the quality of the video.