Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let it snow.

I didn't expect to be using a title like this on February 27th, but I am and probably will be able to use it again in the next week or so.  We got nailed yesterday with about 9" in about 4 hours.  So, what do you do when you are caught on the roads while getting major snowfall?  You take the backroads home to try and get some shots.  Then, you realize it is not a good idea when you turn down a road that starts with a hill downward and ends with a hill going upward and find you can't enough traction to get up the hill at the end.  So, you turn around, carefully, and try the other way, and find no luck getting back up that hill either.  Finally, you just go for it using your downward momentum to launch you up the other side praying that you don't spin out or have another car coming over the hill from the other way.  But, if that doesn't sway you to head home, the friendly policeman that I had the pleasure of meeting made it very clear that I am to put away the camera and go straight home.  Do not pass "go" and collect $200(shoot more pics) or risk drawing a "Go to jail" card and since I did not have a get out of jail free card, I listened to him and headed home. But, first I grabbed a shot of these guys.  Man, there was alot of snow coming down.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Focus. Focus. Focus

Had the privledge of seeing my nephew dive in the Wisconsin High School State Diving Championship last weekend.  He's carrying on a tradition started by his sister who I also witnessed contorting her body while springing off a wooden platform.  He didn't win the whole deal, but, while I'm sure he is disappointed, his family is not and we are all very proud of him. To be in the Top 20 of anything is a great accomplishment.

Friday, February 22, 2013

I taught him well

What's better than taking a hot shower, grabbing a soft towel, and plopping down in your favorite chair and grabbing some zzzzzzz's?  Nothing, I say.  Unless you finish off a box of Fiddle Faddle carmel corn just before you nod off. (Empty box on the floor by his feet just out of the picture)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I believe Evilbear Photography has broke new ground

The first name I thought of for this post was "A Family Affair".  And it would have been fitting since it is a shot of my immediate family, some spouses, and a cousin and spouse all celebrating my parents 52nd wedding anniversary a few weeks ago.  The bride and groom are the 3rd and 4th people on the left from the bottom moving up.  For several years now, we all try to get together on a weekend close to their anniversary for a Saturday afternoon at the casino and then a nice group dinner at a Northwoods Supper Club.  Sometimes a couple of us can't make it and sometimes a few others can't, but we usually have most of us together.  And once again, we had a great evening.  But besides the great accomplishment of 52 wedded years, there is a very unusual aspect to this picture.  Hint:  The Evilbear allowed himself to be photographed.  Answer:  The Evilbear is in a picture that he is posting on his blog.  I do believe it is a first.  A group/family picture really isn't complete unless all attendees are in the shot so I handed over my cherished equipment and let the waitress have at it and fire off some shots.  I think she did a fine job considering getting this group to stay still, let alone be quiet, for more than 2 seconds is quite an accomplishment.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Horse Portrait?

I don't own a horse. Never have.  Of course, if I did own a horse, I would have a portrait like this of him  hanging on my wall.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sense a trend here?

It's funny how it works.  I never set a "theme" or a "goal" when I go out shooting.  I usually just keep my eyes open, go to some favorite places, try to find where the weather can be part of the shot, or look for some kind of activity. Here, on 3 different shoots this week, I ended up with a theme.  3 different times I found ducks taking advantages of the weather we've had lately.  So, tonight's post ends up being another duck.  But, this one is a little different.  I always try to post something I think turned out nice.  I mean, who wants to see my "bad" work.  And there is plenty of it.  But, tonight, I post another duck because even though alot of people commented on my past "duck" shots, I think this one beats them all.  Several things caught my eye while shooting in this situation.  I liked the idea of a lone duck coming in while you had all the geese milling around in the background.  I liked the light snow falling in the background.  I liked the fact that I really nailed the focus and sharpness of the duck and was able to keep some "bokeh"(blur) on the background to keep my subject in the forefront and the main subject of the shot while still setting a scene.  I was able to keep the shot tight enough where it only included what I wanted it to include.  The focus and sharpness really brought out the features of my subject and only my subject.  While the content of the shot maybe wasn't the best I've ever photraphed, I think it goes down as one of most technically perfect photos I've ever taken.  Trust me, there were challenges in the shot.  First, and foremost, a moving subject.  I've always struggled following a moving object looking through the viewfinder.  All the white snow can really mess with the exposure of the shot.  Another area that is hard to get right in the camera.  Most of these things can be fixed in post production with software, but not always and it is time consuming so the more that is right in camera, the better. All that being said, I have to give credit to the new camera I got several months ago.  Often times people comment, "You must have a really nice camera".  I usually reply, "Yeah, and Rembrandt had really nice brushes".  I really believe you can get great shots with basic normal cameras, even phone cameras these days.  But, in this case, I think my gear helped me alot.  And maybe this is a sign that I'm actually starting to learn how to use the gear I have.  Or, maybe I

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Remember- Keep your bill warm

Tonights post is a public service announcement.  In this cold, snowy February, always remember to keep your bill (and other body parts)  warm....especially when sleeping.  I think the one in the midcenter right really has it down by standing up.  I'd rather have cold feet than cold..................other parts.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Clear for landing

Decent temps the last few days.  Gave the ducks and the geese time to play around some open water.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The world is clean again

With this winter of no snow, it seems like everything looks dirty.  Sometimes you need a good snow to clean it all up again.  We got perhaps our biggest snowfall of the year last night(about 2") and its amazing how much better everything looked today.

Friday, February 1, 2013

New Friends

Found a couple of new friends the other day.  Fittingly, I believe, I have named them Hose(sic) A and Hose(sic) B.  Hose A, very friendly.  Hose B, pretty shy.  I know how they feel, though.  I think I had bowl cut haircuts like them when I was young.