Monday, October 26, 2009


I've been trying real hard to find a way to "show off" the rest of the pics from my trip. Throwing a pic or two up on a blog is slow way to go, plus I don't always like the format.  I've been a member of a photosharing website for awhile, though, and forgot about its slideshow format that they offer. So, drumroll please, I now offer you this fabulous slideshow of my trip(kinda brings you back to when you were 5 years old and your crazy  Uncle Chet brings out the projector, huh?).  Well, this will not hurt as much, I promise.  A couple of things:  Click on the picture here and it will take you to my SmugMug page. Once there, you should see the slideshow.  On the left hand top you can adjust the speed of the slideshow, slow-medium-fast, on the right hand top you make the show fullscreen.  You can manually scroll through the slides by using the arrows.
If for some reason, you do not reach my SmugMug page, you can also reach it by this:
If you use the link, click on the slideshow picture and it will take to the slideshow where you can adjust how you view the show. 

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