Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swimming with the sharks

Well, not really.  But, it sure was scary go out in the water with my camera.  We hit the beach tonight after dinner and I decided to get crazy and see what kind of shots I could get while being in the water myself and shooting at water level. Got some nice shots and I'll do it again, but, maybe tonight was the wrong night.  I forgot Tuesday's are concert night at the beach so alot of people show up there.  Some watch the concert, but alot just went swimming, especially with this heat.  So, I had to really be careful.  Anyway, here was a nice one.


  1. OMG is this a cool shot!! She looks gorgeous, and what kind of light did you use? Did you need a flash, or did you do something else?

  2. Ashley looks like a shark is behind her! H-m-m-m, I guess there was.