Saturday, July 24, 2010

Making use of a few moments of spare time

I've had the most wonderful tool in my photographic arsenal for some time now.  But, I've haven't made much use of it since there is a somewhat steep learning curve of how to use it.  It is an off camera flash.  It's a big thing.  Intimidating.  With the bulk of my pics being landscape photos, I haven't really found the time to play and experiment with it since most of the photography I do uses the available light or uses the darkness to compliment the picture.  Last night we were at a family gathering and I was manning the charcoal grill at my inlaws.  Not much to do while waiting for your coals to get up to temp. So, I grabbed the camera and the "beast", my flash, and started scouting the beautiful flower beds my mother in law has.  I noticed the skies were getting ready to unleash rain, thunder, and lightning so, of course, I wanted to somehow include these aspects. Once a good vantage point was found I turned on the flash and started snapping away.  Here's one that I feel turned out "interesting".  Just those few moments of spare time and I think I learned more about the workings of this flash than I have in the year that I've owned it.


  1. So unbelievable! It looks like it should be in a fairy tale, or some dream sequence in a scifi film!!!

  2. So that's what my flowers are up to while I sleep! It gives such an unreal aspect to the garden.