Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Midwestern Summer

A quick one.  Growing up in Wisconsin, I spent some time in the summers working on a farm baling hay.  Hard work.  A piece of farm equipment picked up the hay, made it into a square, tied it up with twine and then you had to stack it on the wagon.  Once back at the farm you had to pull off the bale of hay and stack it in the barn.  In Illinois, I see much more of this form of "baling". I'm not sure why.  I also see much more of these "bales" left in the field into winter.  Once again, I'm not sure why.


  1. Nice Sky!
    A common sight around here. The various "new" methods of baling and storing have made the old barns sort of obsolete. Giving us some really great photo subjects.

  2. It looks like a magazine picture of a rural scene that really never was!

  3. The composition of this is so cool! The pattern of the clouds that are only off to the right, the spiral of the hay, the tree looking so small in the background - awesome!