Saturday, July 24, 2010

Catch the Sun

Saturday night.  Nothing to do.  No place to go.  One kid staying overnight at a birthday party.  The other at the movies with his mom.  Let's go chase the sun.  Last year, during the "Bummer Summer", my son and I would go out after dinner and try to catch the sun, when there was sun.  It was a rare occurrence.   This year, weather conditions much better, but the kids seem to have better things to do now.  So, I grab the dog and we went out to catch the sun.  There was a beautiful sunset to the West of me so that's the direction I drove.  Unfortunately, when you get caught up in looking for that perfect shot, and you turn down every gravel road you come to, you end up further away from home than you intended, and its much more difficult to find your way home in the dark.  There's also the chance you can get locked in a forest preserve since they close the gates at dusk, but that's a story for another post.  Tonight, though, I did catch the sun and it was even better to see in person.  I just wish I knew where I was when I shot it.

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