Saturday, July 3, 2010

One of the great things about kids

As you could tell by last night's post, its carnival time in Crystal Lake.  Today, probably the nicest day of the summer yet, we all hit the carnival.  My kids have some "adventure" in them, but I think its a little less than some others as the following pics will show.  One of the great things about kids is you can, with the help of their more adventuresome friends, coax them to do things(go on rides) they would probably not do on their own.  You know, the ole peer pressure thing.  One had a tummy ache by the end of the day and the other knew which rides he didn't want to go on next year, but both had a good day.  And dad had some good laughs.

I think I've been in a vehicle before with the kid that's with my son.  What a nut.

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