Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scarier than Halloween

I know Halloween is past, but I still have this recurring dream/nightmare.  I see it so vividly in my sleep. (Cue scary music).  I wake up hearing noise downstairs in the living room.  I slowly make my way out of the bedroom to the hallway.  I can make out several people moving around making their way to the couch.  I hear a haunting voice calling out, "Daddy......Daddy.....Daddy."  I'm thinking "Oh my gosh, one of my children needs me."  I run down the stairs and I see, of course, in  that spooky glowing darkness you see in the movies, my daughter Ashley.  Actually, I see not one, but 4 Ashley's. All 4 have a rather serious look on their faces.  What is going on here, I think.  Then..........., she speaks.  The tone of her voice changes from a soft angelic voice to a deep disturbing voice.  Out of all 4 Ashley's in sync come the words, " I NEED MY ALLOWANCE QUADRUPLED."  Oh, the symbolism.


  1. Hilarious and a fine picture!! Thanks for the laugh of the night.

  2. We'll take one of those Ashley's out here!

  3. Hahahaha soooo funny :p