Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ghost Train

One of the best things about a trip like the one I just went on is that since there is a very loose plan or itinerary, you end up taking alot of wrong turns.  But, in reality they aren't really wrong turns since there wasn't a right turn in the first place.  Anyway, my point is you find cool stuff when you are just wandering.  I happened to find this shot in a yard where it appears old trains go to rust away for eternity.  A railroad graveyard if you will.  There must have been around 300 railway cars there and it looked like they had been there quite awhile.  Windows broke out, any wooden doors rotted away, etc. Here's a shot of a number of them still connected and sitting on the tracks as if they had a run to make in any moment.


  1. Like all that's old...only memories of being beautiful and wanted!

  2. This is a REALLY cool pic