Monday, October 10, 2011

Good idea

Not too far into my journey, in Iowa actually, I'm driving along a country road.  Midwestern farmland to the hilt.  I'm seeing the lush fall colors in the distance and then all of a sudden, I see in the foreground one lone cow looking at the same thing I was.  It definitely was a nice scene and probably one of the most colorful shots I got on the whole trip.  I kind of expected and was told and then confirmed it myself that I shouldn't expect the same autumnal colors I see on my trip to the U.P.  There is a different mix of trees in this part of the world, definitely a different mix along the river.  But, right here was the exception.  Don't get me wrong, I saw plenty of color; just not the same as up north. Once I saw this shot on my computer, my first thought was I wish someone was behind me taking a shot of me AND the cow checking out the fall hues.  That would have been a good one.


  1. Makes me miss college - however, I don't remember it looking that beautiful!

  2. Miles of color -- beautiful (and glad I got it...finally)