Monday, March 22, 2010

New and Improved

Just like our nation's health care reform plan.  Just kidding about the health care reform plan.  That's a subject for another blog.  But, Evilbear Photography is, I think, new and improved.  Just some tweaking of layout and colors.  Nothing major.  I've had a few comments that the color scheme made it hard to read on some computers.  So, in the interest of accepting constructive criticism, I made some adjustments.  Let me know if you like the changes.
Unfortunately, I had the opportunity to,once again, shoot some winter weather shots due to the dumping of snow we had on the first day of spring.  I resisted.  I thought about it.  I resisted.  Instead I got this shot of a beautiful sunset sky.


  1. Once again...BREATHTAKING!!! Way to go using that "rule of thirds"! I want so many of your prints to hang on my walls!!