Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cloud City

I'm torn.  No, really.  I am really,really torn with the Chicagoland weather over the last few days.  I need sunshine.  No, really.  I NEED sunshine.  But, at the same time the weather around here has created some conditions that are a photographers dream.  At least this one's dream.  Warmer weather is moving in as it should.  This is also creating quite cloudy skies.  With the warmth, the clouds, and cold ground cover, a foggy atmoshpere has been the norm. A lot of photographers have mountains to photograph when the fog rolls in.  I get jealous quite often of people who live in those areas or can travel to them.  No mountains here.  We do have a city of tall buildings, though. And a lake.  And it all can look just as magnificent in cloud cover as the mountains.

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