Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Walk this way

Normally, once spring comes, the kids and I go for a walk either before or after dinner.  Its usually to the park, but, sometimes I win and we venture over to a walking path alongside a creek that's a couple blocks from my house.  Tonight, my boy and me did the first walk of the season.  He got his excitement from seeing 3 deer that didn't know which way to run once we walked up on them.  They were running circles around us trying to find the best way around us.  Tough task considering you have house about 75 yards to one side of the walkway and you have a creek and houses 75 yards to the other side.  But, all deer survived and got away unharmed.  My excitement came at the 1/2 way point when we reach the end of the trail and you can get a good view of the creek running through the woods.  The clouds above diffused the light enough to really let the colors of the brush and trees take on a golden color and the clarity of the water let you see its sandy bottom.  Usually, I don't know if I got a good shot or not until I load my pics into the computer and go through them one by one. This time, I was pretty sure I got a good one immediately after clicking the shutter.  What do you think?

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