Friday, March 19, 2010

Epic Edits

I've been under the weather off and on for the last week or so, so my shooting schedule has been light.  But, a fire got lit under me when I learned I was one of the featured bloggers on a site called Epic Edits run by a guy I respect and listen to regularly on photography podcasts.  He wrote an article  about how to start up a blog and put the call out to people who are fairly new to blogging.  I wrote back and said I liked his article and of course included a link to my blog.  He did a followup post listing some of the blogs he got and included these nice words,

"My feed reader is almost filled to the brim, but I found several of these blogs worth adding to my list of follows. So, really… check ‘em out and welcome them to the community."

His website is:  and this is where he posted the kind words if you want to check it out.  He's got great photo tips and articles for anyone interested in learning.

On top of that, I got some nice shots of my favorite bird today, the Great Blue Heron.  I drive past their nesting area on an almost daily basis, but I never really stop to see if they are actually up there in there nests.  Yep, they are there, alright.  Got some shots of some "yearlings" and probably saw 20-25 herons in total.


  1. Mark,

    Where are they? I used to go and see them off of Palatine Road, but they cleared out the swamp there.

    I love how the parent birds sit like sentinels shoulder to shoulder.

  2. Mark,
    I thought that you ran some of my shots from last year. I have really similar shots at the same location that I shot last spring. See March 27,2009 Blog Clog. Great minds etc....

  3. Hi Mark, you do not know me. I'm a swedish blog-surfer that just came across your blog since you wrote on another blog that you just started (long sentence), but want to reach a bit wider than your closest friends. I'm thrilled to see that people take the chance and really go out to the public. Like you. I'm completely color blind, and how strange this may sound (from a color blind), the color of the blog do not appeal to me. It may sound hard, but since you want to go popular and wide, I'm giving you my two cents of improvement suggestions. Anyway, I will put you in my favourites tab, and see what you do over time. I'm my self in starting mode, so I invite you to give critisism to my project. It is no way near a public place, but I'm sure you know the thrill to start something. By the way, I do too like egrets. But we don't see them here.

    Best regards and good luck with blogging!

    Fredrik Lindquist