Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stalker in Training

Oh, to be 6 years old again.  We all are animal lovers in our household.  We all just have different ways of expressing  our love of animals.  My son can spend hours playing(torturing) the ants in the sidewalk cracks. He can also make every squirrel on the block nervous.  Luckily, they can climb trees faster than him.  He's learned that now during the fall season, the squirrels are focused on gathering their stock for winter and aren't as aware of his presence.  Perfect stalking opportunity.  I was outside today cleaning out my car and had the opportunity to watch him in action for about an hour.  The squirrel would be on the ground doing it's thing and he would try to get up close.  Of course, the squirrel never let him get within 10 feet of him, but as he walked away frustrated, the squirrel would watch him and come back down.  A few minutes later he would try again using a little bit different tactic. Same result. Tonight's shot is his technique #5 I'll call "I'm just walking down the sidewalk not even knowing you are there, Mr. Squirrel.  So you just keep going about your business as I walk on past you."(Notice the hands in the pockets.)  Needless to say, this, once again, ended in frustration.
 Also, just a footnote.  There will be a break in posting for a few days.  I leave Thursday morning for my 2nd annual trip to Upper Michigan.  Last year it was the central part of the UP.  This year I'm heading to the western part of the UP into the Porcupine Mountains and maybe a little Apostle Islands action.  Hopefully, I'll have some nice pics to post when I get back.


  1. Don't I say don't waste the time and MONEY to visit Madaline Island. If you're wanting to take a boat ride, just take one of the ones that goses around the other islands. The ferry ride to nothing will cost nearly fifty bucks.

  2. I love this picture! Derek is being so sneaky and the squirrel seems to understand little boys.