Sunday, October 17, 2010

Did you ever notice.....?

...that waterfalls are always going downhill?  Not that there was ever any doubt in my mind.  But if there was, I definitely learned that water goes downhill after seeing numerous waterfalls in Upper Michigan.  The Western side of the state has more waterfalls than the Eastern, I think, but the Eastern side has bigger falls.  Much more dramatic ones last year, for sure.  There wasn't the drama of seeing big huge falls vistas this year, but the opportunity was in focusing on smaller aspects of the falls that were in front of me.  Oh yeah, also, the falls I checked out last year usually were not too deep in the forests nor did you have to walk up hill much.  Different story this year.  I mainly checked out the most popular ones and even those were usually a mile or more in. Uphill most of the way.  From what I read, there are actually hundreds of falls scattered throughout the Western side, but much deeper in.  All I can do is hope I didn't miss something spectacular.

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