Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is it Autumn or Winter

One of the "more funner" things for me in photography is, as some people call it, "messing" with my photos.  Sorry, but it is sometimes the difference between a snapshot and a photograph.  Sometimes, it is just getting a shot to look how you felt you saw it.  And sometimes, it is just letting your creative juices flow.  I just finished reading a book about Ansel Adams and it was noted that on most of his photos, he spent 40% of his time getting the composition of the shot right.  The other 60% was spent in the darkroom getting the photo to look like he saw it.  Of course, he did not have the tools available now, but, he still spent alot of time "messing" with his pics.  Tonight's post is 2 shots.  The first is a nice fall scene that I came across this weekend.  The second is me just messing around letting the creative juices flow.  Both the same scene.  Just different views.


  1. Ooooh...I love the horses...those wispy tails! Love the whole shot.