Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sky Dive

I don't know what else to name this 1st shot of Lake in the Clouds.  From the peaks of the Porcupine Mountains, you just want to float down with a parachute into the lake.  The name of the lake is appropriate.  These shots are pretty representative of my time up north:  totally blue skies, some good color in the trees, crystal blue lakes everywhere(which must be identified with unbelievably cold water), and alot of rocky bluffs.  One week earlier and I think my eyes would have exploded.

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  1. I knew I'd see these shots. It's impossible to go UP there without shooting them. I've been on that same spot a least fifty times and each time I shot the same photos. It's amazing how little the scene has changed over the last sixty or so years. One day I'll dig back through boxes of old pics and share some "old" views with you. As always, nice shootin'