Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We were so much younger then.......

A holiday tradition in my house is having all our local nieces and nephews over to bake and decorate Christmas January.  Sounds weird, but when it started, about 8 years ago, it made sense.  Most the kids were involved in some kind of activities around or before Christmas and it is always a busy time for us as well.  And besides, only one kid of the group could drive and that's when he could pick up the rest of them to cart them the hour drive to our house. And, by the middle of January, we are usually out of the usual Christmas treats so this is a good way to restock. The tradition has continued through this year. Not all make it every year- some years there are girlfriends/boyfriends, some years not- some years different boyfriends/girlfriends-and the last few years have included a husband and offspring. Over the years we've dealt with humongous hangovers by some, jobs getting in the way for others, or lack of transportation Next year we are looking forward to another married one in the bunch.  Its a fun Sunday afternoon that really isn't about making cookies.  That's just the excuse.  It makes their Aunt Laney super, super happy.  Plus, I like having some guys around to watch some of the playoff games happening at the time.  It's been a great experience to watch all of them grow up into athletes, medical techs, mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, managers, etc.  An experience we hope continues for a long, long time. Here's  an early shot and a shot from this year. 

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