Friday, January 10, 2014

Year in Review

I sat down tonight to do a year in review of my pics. I always get pleasure doing a review since its nice to look back and remember all the places I/we went to, events we attended, things that we did, etc. I was a little worried that I wouldn't have much of selection due to, well, not as much production this year as others.   But, I was a little surprised. Pleasantly surprised.  While I didn't do as much shooting this year as in the past, I had close to the same number of "prized" shots (the ones that go in the vault), as I usually do.  I guess this is where having kids helps since it seems you can always get a nice shot or two while shooting their activities.  Also, the kids are a big driver in doing some of the activities we do such as camping which is always a good venue for some keepers. So, the following video is a montage of, in my mind, the best shots of 2013.  Here's to getting off my butt and getting my shutter finger more active this year.

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