Saturday, January 18, 2014


Evilbear is a misnomer.  The name may sound threatening, but in reality, I am a peaceful creature trying to spread a little peace or humor through photography.  Unfortunately, not everything carrying the moniker of "evil" is the same.  Evilsquirrel, also known as Steve, by my wife, is the antithesis of the name.  He constantly paws/knocks at the glass on the patio door to let him in, of course, upsetting the dog and cat.  He knows what he is doing- creating a disruption in the house. I can almost see him laughing at the domestics. He sits up on my suet feeder(the 3rd suet feeder purchased since he has discovered how to remove it and steal it) and literally sticks his tongue out at me, mocking my inability to reach through the window and wring his little neck.  You have your fun now little evil creature.  Your day is coming.  I have plenty of time these days to figure out the best way for your demise.

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  1. I love this story of Steve EvilSquirrel! He's probably one of your dead and gone cousins changed into a squirrel and trying to make contact! Treat him well. (I love the pictures too)