Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blast from the Past

With the bitter cold weather and being on home arrest(no driving till doctor clears me and my leg), I went into the vault for tonight's post.  Its always a pleasure doing this and I can lose myself for hours while doing so.  Tonight is a shot that I hope to show again and again......at his graduation, at his wedding, at his induction to the hall of fame(of whatever brings him fame), etc. When doing people pics, number one goal is to catch the emotion of the moment.  I think its pretty obvious the emotion of this moment, about 30 seconds after dad  has let him know what he thinks of his artwork.  I've seen better mug shots on "Cops"


  1. Awwww, so super cute! He's so little! MARK, I had no idea about your surgery!!!! I need to give a call to you to hear the details, and see that you're OK!

  2. I love this little boy. It seems so long ago he was this little! Love 'em when you have 'em. They grow up fast.