Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Come as You Are

The Zelazoskis held the, gosh it must be the, 12th annual Halloween Bash for what seemed like every kid within a 10 mile radius, possibly farther. Creepy treats and drinks were served and general chasing in a circle around the perimeter of the house for an hour or two for the young kids, while my daughter and her friends sat around and talked about whatever 12 year old girls talk about while looking their scariest/prettiest.  And, oh yeah, their was some picture posing at the end.


  1. I love the first picture. You guys have party giving down to a science!

  2. Funny how the older ones seem crazier than the younger ones! Ashley looks like she has a ton of great friends! By the way, where is Derek? I can't find him in his group pic!