Friday, October 19, 2012


Every guy who picks up a camera with the intent to capture more than just a snapshot, has the dream of catching that iconic photo of whatever genre they are into.  Sports photographers want to get the shot of the winning touchdown.  Wildlife photogs want the shot of the lion taking down the wildebeest.  Wedding photographers have to have the most romantic shot in the world.  Whether they want to admit it or not.  As a landscape photographer, I am always looking for that beautiful shot with a great subject to give the landscape some interest.  I see shots like that in the umpteen photo magazines I get.  I see it on the gazillion photo websites I subscribe to. It can't be that hard.  Oh, but it is.  Unless, you work for Nat Geo, maybe.  Even then, I'm sure the photographers working there have moments of struggle looking for that iconic pic.  I was coming to the end of my trip and took a stroll down to a large beach, mainly to see the huge waves coming in.  I looked to my left and that's where I saw it.  My iconic photo, at least, of this trip. I looked over the area and decided there were numerous spots to set up and shoot.  I always try to get different directional shots, different angles, and if you are lucky, different weather, like fog, coming in during shooting. Hey, its digital.  It's not like I'm paying for film.  I see something interesting, I'm going to shoot.....alot.  Besides, sometimes the longer you stay in one spot, the better the chance of something else interesting happening while shooting.  I got real lucky with this one.  Big open beach, no one else on the beach, and great landscape with waves crashing the rocks, a drama filled sky, and a spectacular, colorful structure on the coastline. I tried hard to pick which of these shots were my favorite, but I was unsuccessful so I must post all three.


  1. All great shots. But, for me, the second one hits the spot. Great sky, weeds in the foreground and the suggestion of the building. Wonderful composition and execution.

  2. I like all of them -- different shots, different moods.