Monday, October 8, 2012

Color my World

It's been awhile since my last post.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I've been really busy with work related projects and/or activities with the kids and haven't been able to do as much shooting as I would like. And, oh yeah, I just got back from my annual trip to Nowhere-In-Particular. And this years trip to N-I-P was the Central section of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This same area was the destination of my trip 4 years ago and I really enjoyed it.  Lots of color, Lake Superior, abundant waterfalls, and well maintained, but desolate roadways.  I packed the usual stuff- camera gear, a couple of sweatshirts, a thermos, a cooler, some light camping gear, and an air mattress for the back of my van(Hotel Dodge Caravan) and off I went last Wednesday. The plan was to get to Munising, Michigan and from there just start driving East or West, since you can't go North due to Lake Superior, and go wherever the urge took me.  Of course, my camera being ready at all moments.  When I would run out of light, or personal energy, pull over and park it for the night until a new day came, which would bring with it new sights to see and capture.  I was not disappointed.  I planned my trip for a few weeks earlier this year than normal since in the past, even though I would catch good fall color, it was always iffy of whether or not the leaves would still be on the trees.  I usually got lucky, but, the nights would get considerably colder later in October and I just never seemed to have enough blankets in my portable hotel room. I got lucky on both fronts this year with the fall color peaking early due to drought conditions and the nights weren't as brutal as in the past.  In fact, each night I was there was warmer than in my Illinois homebase by as least 5 degrees.  Go figure.  So, over the next few days, get ready to explore my adventures through Yooperland.  I'll start tonight with some of the color that greeted me when I arrived.


  1. Your colors blow me away! I especially love the sky in the 3rd pic!!

    1. Beautiful.. Worth waiting for.

  2. Lucky you! The UP is one of my favorite places in the US. When the color peaks it's better than anywhere else. Including Colorado and New England! Spent a short day up there in August. Just a hint of the future color but even when it's green it's beautiful. Nice shooting!!!