Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It a-piers to be a beautiful day

Update:  After several emails asking me what my last post meant and where the building is, I will explain....a little.  Sunday morning I was driving some of the backroads in a very affluent area and I saw a gravel road that didn't really look like a road, but, there were no signs posted saying "Private drive" or "Keep out", etc.  So, I made the turn onto the road.  I went about 100 yards where the road opened a bit and I saw this "shack".  I decided to get closer to the building and look for a good vantage point to get a shot.  When I walked to the back side, I noticed this lovely little "garden" of "herbs".  It had some nice netting over the top.  At first, I thought it was Ginseng.  Then I realized, this wasn't Ginseng!!  A cash crop none the less. I took a peak inside the shack.  It looks like their was some fresh harvest inside drying out nicely,....like herbs should.  Needless, to say, I made my way back to the highway quickly.
Tonight, though, is a shot of a beautiful marina on the Fox River on a beautiful quite Sunday morning before all the boats and jet skis tear it up. 

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  1. You better be careful with your snooping for pictures! We don't want to find you tied up somewhere.