Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mother Nature thinks she's funny

In the Chicago area, there seems to be a misconception amongst many, not all, of the people in the area.  Once March 1st hits, we are home free.  No more winter.  Break out the swimsuits.  Yeah, right.  On the radio on Thursday, Chicago's most respected weatherman was rattling off the statistics of how seldom we get any snowfalls of any accumulation after March 1st.  I know everyone of us who have lived here through a few winters can remember a storm or two, but he was saying how rare these occur and we shouldn't expect anything happening this year, especially after the warm winter we've had.  Well, mark Friday March 2nd down in the "rare" column.  We got hit once again, on a Friday, during rush hour home.(Seems that all winter storms this year have come on Friday afternoon, during rush hour.)  About 5-6 inches of the heavy wet stuff.  I must say, if you were behind the walls of your home, it was really quite beautiful.  And, thankfully, I was actually able to get out early this morning and get some shots of picturesque scenes outside.


  1. This one is now my wallpaper

  2. Ooo, LOVE these! It actually snowed on prom when I was a Senior in high school - UGH!!