Thursday, March 1, 2012

It ain't the wildlife of Alaska

Many of my customers know of my fondness for photography.  So, when I do my regular visits they are prepared with an album of pics from their last trip/vacation.  This happened the other day with a customer who just got back from roaming Alaska for 3 weeks. And this is trip after doing the same thing last year spending almost 3 weeks doing the same thing in Yosemite National Park.  Just him, his camera and gear, and camping supplies.  Yeah, I said 3 weeks doing nothing but photographing wherever we went and whatever he saw.  It was incredible what he was able to capture. Unfortunately, a trip like the above two aren't in my plans for the future.  So, here we settle for the breathtaking shot of our local wildlife.


  1. He's so cute...just waiting for his turn at the trough. Is it political, Mark?

  2. Show me the horse pic you took awhile back. Isn't there one with almost the same pose? He looks fluffy! You should submit this to the Democratic party!