Friday, March 9, 2012

Show offs

The last couple weeks the kids have had some events happen that they were very proud of.  Derek's school has a display case where a kid is selected each week to display for one week a collection they have . Finally, Derek got his to shot display his evergrowing Spongebob collection.  He was a proud collector that week.
That same week Ashley performed in the season finale for the pom squad she belongs to, as well as her final jump rope performance club appearance of the year(they didn't have fun clubs like that when I was in school.  We had fun clubs like, "Disassemble and reassemble your tractor" club.  Just doesn't work as a basketball halftime enterainment show.)
I tell ya, if you want to try and expand your skills in photography and be frustrated beyond all belief, try to photograph 75 girls doing routines with poms or a bunch of girls jumping up and down over a rope.  Yikes. Gives me a much greater appreciation for sports photographers.

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