Friday, September 9, 2011

Silvery night

Since my last long exposure shot garnered alot of response, I thought I'd post another one from the same night.  This one is from a different location on the lake and a little earlier than the one from the other night.  This one was a 30 second exposure.  I converted it to black and white and though it looked pretty cool.  Also, the one from the other night was a 15 second exposure, I believe, and with this one being 30 seconds you can see alot more movement/blur in the clouds.


  1. If it was very windy, would the trees be blurry(sp?) also?

  2. Mike, in response to your "blurry" question, yes, if it was windy you would see more blur in the physical landscape, possible even waves, but the long exposure usually smooths out the water movements.