Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjack

Last night was a special night.  Many of you know I am a Cubs fan.  I get the opportunity to go the games several times a year and my daughter, Ashley, often asks to go, too.  But, unfortunately, when I go I am usually the guest of someone else.  A couple of weeks ago I decided to make it happen and got us some tickets and got a couple more for Ashley's uncle Tommy and his fiance Darcy since they live close to Wrigley and we thought it would be a good night to do something together.  The trick here of course is 1. Be able to get tickets since they are usually sold out, 2. Find a night we can all go, and 3.  Find a night to go before it starts to snow.  I know, that last point sounds funny, but when you get into September and you are down by the lakefront in Chicago, I think it has happened.  Last year, I went to a September game and it was literally, outside of a Bears game in January, one of the coldest sporting events I've attended.  We found a night that worked for all of us and I was able to snag tickets for the grand price of $5.00 a piece on StubHub(I know Cubs tickets are usually sold out, but when you are 22 games out of the running for a playoff spot and its September,remember the cold comment above, things change).  As it turned out, we had a rather balmy September evening at Wrigley field.  My daughter got to see her first Cubs game and true to tradition, they lost.  She got to see future Hall of Famer Starlin Castro slam one out of the park for the lone Cubbie run. And we enjoyed a nice evening out with Uncle Tommy and future Aunt Darcy.  Its all good.
Note:  The pics below are the sequence of Castro's homerun.  I found the one of him running the bases getting congratulations along the way an interesting shot when you look up at the pitcher who gave up the run.

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  1. Really cool shot...sell it to the newspapers!