Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why is corn on the cob so expensive?

Quick post tonight of some midwestern flavor. In my farmland travels, it is amazing how much corn is grown in this part of Illinois.  With all the fields around here, you would think we would be overloaded with corn and it would be like a dollar a bushel. Yet, when we go food shopping, sometimes we find ourselves checking out the corn on the cob and when its 6 ears for a buck, we're in.  But, if its something like 5 ears for two dollars?  No way, Jose.  That's robbery.  Someone's really trying to stick it to us.  And we leave the store with no corn.  It;s only when we're sitting at the table eating canned cream style corn and one of the kids says, "Why no corn on the cob?" that it hits you how crazy your thinking is. I mean, come on. Pinching pennies is not a bad thing, but......Really?  No corn on the cob due to an extra buck?  The sad thing about it is, I remember as a kid my mom and dad screaming about how a head of lettuce was going for something like 50 cents a head instead of the usual 40 cents.  Us kids would laugh and snicker about their thought process.  It must be in the genes.  Oh well, I just hope I don't end up in the headlines of The Daily Herald, "Crazy Old Guy  Caught Stealing Corn from Corn Field in the Middle of the Night."

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