Monday, August 29, 2011

Your barn door is open

My family puts up with me and my camera habits pretty good these days.  Its come to the point that even when we are in the car and driving some where they'll point out what might be a good shot.  We spent alot of time in the car together this weekend due to several end of the summer get togethers that entailed window time.  For this shot tonight, someone in the car pointed out the opportunity to grab a good shot.  And right they were.


  1. Another one I didn't get. (not to say "understand" just didn't appear)

  2. This is an awesome shot! The clarity is amazing, and I feel like I could reach into the computer to pet the horses! Beautiful. I feel like you're one of the last contestants on American Idol when the judges just really don't have anything else to say because everything you do is just A+++++!!

  3. Neat picture but I don't think I have ever seen a horse with his ears down. Must not have looked hard enough. Love the pictures keep em coming.