Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Road to...............?????????????

Most of you know I had my camera gear stolen several months ago.  I have since replaced most everything lost, but the one thing that's been missing is my Sigma 10-20mm wideangle lens.  It was one of my favorite lenses since it catches the shot very wide and can give a different perspective to the shot.  And besides that I though it had great color representation and was pretty sharp.  I recovered this lens the day my gear was stolen(it had fallen out of my camera bag as the looter was haulin' a-- down the sidewalk), and I was pretty excited that I at least had this one, perhaps my favorite lens.  Unfortunately,  a couple days later I tried to attach and use the lens, but the mount had been ruined in the fall to the ground.  Bummer.  I had choices at that time.  I could try to fix the lens myself; I could order a new lens; Or,I could send it in to Sigma and get an estimate on the cost to fix it.  I spent a couple of weeks trying to make the decision.  Finally, I tried to fix it myself.  No go.  That mount is made of some pretty strong steel as it should be.  I then checked out ordering a new one.  Insurance did pay me to replace that lens.  But, somehow, I must have spent that money already on other gear because my little account to hold my monies for replacing gear had run pretty low.  I don't know how that happened.  Plus, the price of a new lens had went up considerably since I first purchased this lens.  Next, I emailed Sigma Corp. to find out the process on sending in repairs.  They replied on what to do and that they would give me an estimate before performing any work.  I decided to go that route.  They sent me an estimate and it was about what I figured it would be.  Way too much for a simple repair, but, hey, I figured it would be.  Still, considerably lower than buying new.  I was still worried since these lenses are pretty temperamental pieces and I was worried that even though they would fix the mount, who knows what damage might have been done to the focus or other aspects of the lens.  And I didn't know if they would even check those things.  I sent the lens and then it was a waiting game for about 3 weeks.  Finally, it showed up at my door looking like new.  We had some good storms come through yesterday and I was excited since I love shooting in stormy weather and I had my number one tool for the job.  I didn't do alot of shooting with it yesterday, but it sure felt good having it on my camera again.  I caught a few nice shots of the storms coming in.  And then the downpours came so my camera and my lens were put in a dry place till next time.


  1. What a dramatic shot! I usually like only natural colors, but, in this shot, the intensity adds to the emotion.

  2. How surreal! The clouds are so luminous, and I love the happy (yet kind of scary) aspect of the whole picture.

  3. Glad you have all your camera family back together and your shot of the storm coming in is great.