Sunday, August 21, 2011

You'll see her in the tabloids

With summer winding down, we're on a mission to sample as many of the joyful summertime activities around here that we can.  We have a new beach in town(how many towns can say that statement) that we have not visited very often this summer.  I am partial to our old one, while the kids like them both mainly due to the splash park that's at the new beach.  So, in the spirit of fairness, the kids and I headed to the new beach the other night.  While the beach area and swimming was fun, the real goofiness hits when the two of them get going in the splash park. Plus, its much easier for me to work a camera around the splash park than in the lake.  One of the great things about doing this blog is sitting down and going through my shots and not even realizing the shots I got.  All 3 of the pics tonight were complete surprises to me when I opened them up.  The first one made me crack up when I saw it.  My first thought was we need to be careful or we'll be seeing her mug on every tabloid there is the way she hams it up for the camera.

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  1. This last picture with the water droplets is truly amazing! One of my favorite pics of A & D yet!!