Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Sign from Above

Seldom do I start my post with a picture.  But tonight, it warrants it.  How else could I explain a shot like this on the eve of the day before both my kids are in school all day long.  Seriously, this is a big deal.  My 11 year old, of course, has been in elementary school for some years now.  But, my 7 year old has now graduated to the elementary level and is enrolled in 1st grade.  This is definitely a sign from above that the world will be (at least my world) more heavenly, more orderly, more peaceful, more fulfilling, more happy, more smart(?) and less stressful, less disorganized, less pressure, less poor.  That last one is for real.  No more daycare, no more preschool, no more babysitters = less poor.  The 4 milestones in my life, at least in recent memory, are when we put baby formula behind us, left the Pampers on the shelves, moved on from preschool, and now, graduated from half day kindergarten to all day first grade.  I know, I know. There are going to be more challenges coming up that will fight the "less poor" notion.  But, let me have my moment.  Perhaps the best thing about it is the kids have actually looked forward to starting school seeing our eyes light up when talking about it and hearing the anticipation of this day in our voices.  I remember as a kid my mother saying around the 5th of August every year, "I can't wait till school starts back up".  I swore I would never be that person.  I was wrong.  My kids heard it so much they actually mimic me saying it.  And not in a good way.
Actually, the best part of it all is the journey to this point.  Did I actually feel all those emotions from above? You bet.  But, I wouldn't trade any of it since it makes me enjoy the good times, like now, even more.  And, a little voice in the back of my head keeps saying, "Someday.  Someday, you're going to miss this."  Shots from the 1st day of the rest of our lives.

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  1. Your comments are almost better than the picture...no, Derek, you look great.

    Can I have the horse picture?