Sunday, August 15, 2010


When doing my hobby of photography I usually really try to get good compositions of whatever I'm shooting.  A good composition tells the story you want to tell, creates focus on what should be focused on and basically highlights what should be highlighted.  I was torn with this one because I don't necessarily like the composition.  The story?  A beautiful sunset.  The focus?  The sunset.  The highlights?  The streaks of blue and orange/yellow through the sky.  So, I guess it does do what it should.
There is a new rec area being developed around a quarry here in town.  I was out and about Saturday night around dusk and saw this sunset over the quarry.  But, there is no admittance yet to any of the areas around the area and there are severe fines for trespassing.  Therefore, when I saw the sky I immediately thought "Ooh, opportunity knocks".  I parked on the side of the road and set up as close as I could get to the quarry without getting in trouble.  My goal was to catch the sunset, but I also wanted a clean foreground.  Unfortunately, there was no spot where I was to get something interesting in the foreground or at a minimum keep the foreground clean. I eventually took several shots hoping that the foreground wasn't too messy and most importantly, that the streaks I saw flowing upwards from the clouds would transfer to a digital picture.  I was pleasantly surprised how well the sky showed up and I guess I can live with a few bushes in the foreground.

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