Monday, August 16, 2010

Seek and ye shall find

Lived here in Crystal Lake for over 13 years.  You all know I am all over the place just to get the pictures you want to see.  Yet, it boggles my mind the places I still find that I didn't know existed within 10 minutes of my house.  Last night I found another magic place.  A forest preserve that I have passed quite often over the last 13 years that I guess I never looked at the sign on the road saying what it was.  The actual park is tucked back in the woods, but,.....there is a sign.  I checked it out and found it is a wonderful hiking park with several small ponds/lakes for fishing and kayaks/canoes/rowboats only.  Really enjoyed the short time I was there and I would have stayed and checked it out more, but, I quickly realized that where there is a park with trees and water there are many mosquitos, big ones at that.  I'll be back with the kids.

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  1. Another great shot. Aren't we lucky to live so close to such beautiful subjects. If you could give me your email address, I have something that I'd like to share with you. I'm at