Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Go Fish

I wish these pics tonight would be of stringers of fish.  Unfortunately, the only thing we accomplished was to give free meals to the small fish populating this part of the lake.  Actually, that's not true.  On the way up I was telling my children all the fun stuff we could do while camping.  The number one thing he remembered me saying was that we could go fishing.  We got to the campground on Friday and within an hour he was asking to go fishing.  I said we would go later, after dinner.  Well, other things came up and we didn't get to go fishing that night.  The next morning, the same thing.  "Can we go fishing now?"  I said later, after dinner when the fish are hungry. The same question came up several more times during the day.  Finally, after dinner, I said "Let's go".  I didn't have to say it twice.  We went for a walk to several spots I fished when I was his age.  Alot of bites, but no fish pulled into shore.  It didn't really matter, though.  I know for me the big thing was walking with my 6 year old and talking about all the things that are on a 6 year old's mind, answering questions that really have no answers, appreciating the different environment that we were living in for the weekend.  Just two guys on an immaterial mission.  My son's take on it probably wasn't that reflective, but, I like to think its just one more building block to future talks, questions without any concrete answers, and appreciation for what we have in life.  And, even if he didn't get all that, I really enjoyed our fishing time together.

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