Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fresh Start

These are tough times.  For some, more than others.  Obviously, though, some are prospering during this recession.  I found this thriving barber shop on one of my recent little jaunts.  You can easily see times are good for this entrepreneur.  A few things give it away:  The fancy sign out front, the investment in the landscaping of the parking lot, the artistic paint job on the building including the barber pole, and the slick looking Benz parked out front.  Look closely and you can see another happy customer in the doorway.  And you can tell this businessman built his business through good ole fashioned sweat by the hours he keeps.  Notice the business hours , Mon-Sat   9am-10pm.  Maybe those hours are to accommodate the clientele of the gentleman's club that's located about 100 feet away. Yep!  Good times. Good times.

1 comment:

  1. There must be a story in the picture, perhaps not such a happy one...on the other hand, the barber inside may be doing just exactly what he wants. A thought-provoking picture.